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Session 2 Afternoon

Total Fees: $460.00

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The afternoon session meets from 12:45 pm to 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

Afternoon session campers should select 1 class from each period. For full class descriptions, please visit our website

If you would like to enroll for full day camp, you will also need to register for the morning session.

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Camp Adler Schedule

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01:40 PM-02:40 PM
Period 3
Add Mixed Media Modernism (Ages 5-7)

Play with colors, symbolism, dreams, and new materials as you explore Modernism.  Discover how modern artists like Cezanne and Van Gogh, Munch, Toulouse-Lautrec, Kahlo, Sigrid Hjertén, etc. worked in new ways and captured the spirit of their age.  Then use all sorts of messy media to express your own spirit!

$0.00 5
Add Mexico! (Ages 5-8)
Discover the stunning colors of Mexico in this mixed media class.  Explore the pyramids in Teotihuacan, and learn about famous Mexican artists like Kahlo and Rivera as you create landscapes, self-portraits, murals, while soaking-up the culture of this artistic country.   
$0.00 5
Full Clay Creations (Ages 8-11)

Use your imagination to create with clay.  Sculpt using your fingers, hands, and simple tools.  Learn artistic techniques and methods like pinch, coil, and slab building.  Build pots, critters, and abstract masterpieces that we will display at the Celebration of the Arts.

$0.00 0
Full The Magical Musical Time Machine (Ages 5-8)

Go back in time… way back in this musical drama class!  Explore crazy characters and funky instruments through dance, voice and music games.  Visit new places and eras as you jump through time, imagining what it must’ve been like to meet Beethoven, dance to “verboten” swing music, experience jazz for the first time, and dance with American Bandstand!  Campers will develop confidence and listening skills through improvisation and games.  

$0.00 0
Add Improv! (Ages 8-11)

Get ready to laugh your way through the summer!  Learn the building blocks of improvisation and techniques for successful scene work.  Learn how to initiate scenes, be a good scene partner, and create off-the-cuff stories with clear beginnings, middles and ends.   Explore the basics of improv teamwork:  agreement, active listening, using your environment, understanding stage status, narrative, and supporting your teammates!  Campers will showcase their new skills at the Celebration of the Arts.  No experience necessary!  

$0.00 7
Add Adler Singers (Ages 8-11)
Are you ready to join the awesome Adler Choir? Learn appropriate techniques for singing in choirs and musicals. Work on the fundamentals of healthy singing: breath support, alignment, placement, relaxation and articulation.  Then, use your new skills to create dreamy harmonies and exciting arrangements for a special performance at the Celebration of the Arts. 
$0.00 5
* Required

02:50 PM-03:50 PM
Period 4
Add Outlandish Landscapes (Ages 5-8)

This mixed media class will combine your love of the outdoors with your love of art.  Create fabulous works of art inspired by nature, and works of art that are made of nature.  Spend time trekking outside (weather permitting) and create artwork using foraged materials.  Use your creativity to create some imaginary landscapes of your own.  

$0.00 5
Full Magnificent Murals (Ages 5-9)

Be a LARGE part of Camp Adler as you help create several large murals to be displayed at the Celebration of the Arts.  Learn about the process of designing and painting a large artwork, and have fun collaborating with others to make a piece of art much larger than any individual!  Learn to paint large and be a part of Camp Adler’s official Mural Crew. 

$0.00 0
Add Function, Function: Functional Art (Ages 9-11)
Make beautiful and useful everyday objects in this functional art class. Learn about the Bauhaus School and explore the functional art movement from fashion and advertising to architecture and currency design! Bowls, baskets, chairs, hats --- the possibilities are endless as you create objects you’ll love to use.  
$0.00 7
Add Stomp! (Ages 5-8)
Boom, beat, bop and bang as you learn rhythms and introductory percussion skills in Adler’s own percussion group! Practice working together to create group rhythms and patterns that “talk” to one another.  Create a special performance for the Celebration of the Arts where you’ll drum on buckets, garbage can lids, and other unusual percussive instruments! 
$0.00 1
Add Adler Luau (Ages 8-11)

It’s time to get tropical! Learn the basics of ukulele in this group class for older campers. Read chords and rhythms as you explore the sounds of Hawaii and learn how ukes are used in today’s most popular songs.  Learn how to compose a song of your very own using chord progressions.  By the end of camp, our tropical ensemble will have enough experience to perform together at the Celebration of the Arts. Instruments are provided.  

$0.00 5
Add Acting Ensemble: The Great Big Camp Adler Mystery (Ages 7-11)

Mysterious things have been happening at Camp Adler, but our team of spies and detectives are ready to find clues, interview suspects, and crack the case!  Play acting games, use voice and movement work to create suspicious characters and brilliant detectives.  Learn the skills you need to go into any audition or rehearsal with confidence, while putting your brain to the test!

$0.00 1