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Session 2 Morning

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The morning session meets from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm Monday-Friday.

Morning session campers should select 1 class from each period. For full class descriptions, please visit our website

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Camp Adler Schedule

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09:55 AM-10:55 AM
Period 1
Add To Waitlist Color Me a Symphony (All Ages)

Is it music? Is it art? It’s BOTH! Listen to the music of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and more as you create art inspired by music. Explore works of art that have been inspired by music, like Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Blue and Green Music,” and make your own multi-media works of art as you listen. 

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Add To Waitlist Sketch & Paint (Ages 5-8)
Get ready to move beyond doodling! Draw and sketch with wet materials: ink, watercolors, acrylics, and markers, and dry materials: charcoal, graphite and conté crayons. Learn techniques for quick sketches and more complicated drawings. Get messy, and create a colorful sketchbook of your very own drawings and paintings.   
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Full Architects Ahead (Ages 8-11)
Celebrate the 100th anniversary of David Adler’s home as you explore Adler Center treasures that are hidden in plain sight!  Learn to sketch structures and design your own buildings and cities.  Then, learn about David’s sister Frances, an interior designer, and design your very own rooms.
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Add To Waitlist Xylophone Cyclone! (Ages 5-8)

Combine percussion with melody and what do you get?  A class full of fun songs and cool instruments!  Learn songs from around the world as you learn to play the xylophone and other unique percussion instruments.  Build a xylophone band as you work with the class to make spooky sound-effects and a brand-new original xylophone song.

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Add To Waitlist To Broadway, And Beyond! (Ages 7-11)
Have fun while improving your singing, dancing, and acting skills. Performers will explore the world of contemporary musical theatre and learn what it means to be “a triple threat.” Improve vocal technique through choral singing. Learn choreography, characterization, and great musical theatre songs for a special musical revue to be performed at the Celebration of the Arts.
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Add Broadway Ballads (All Ages)

At the heart of every musical, there’s one heart-melting, show-stopping song!  Sing only the very best ballads in this class for campers who want to spend all their time singing.  Singers will explore the world of classical musical theatre and learn vocal techniques for solos and choral singing.  Then, use your new skills to create a memorable vocal performance for the Celebration of the Arts. 





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11:05 AM-12:05 PM
Period 2
Add Clay Creations (Ages 5-7)

Use your imagination to create with clay. Sculpt using your fingers, hands, and simple tools. Learn artistic techniques and methods like pinch, coil, and slab building. Build pots, critters, and abstract masterpieces that we will display at the Celebration of the Arts.

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Add To Waitlist Art Experiments (Ages 5-8)

Artists will love concocting creative experiments in the Adler Art Lab!  Use a variety of exciting materials to make bubbly, messy, and surprising art.  Explore today’s coolest art experiments--installations that distort your own shadow, paper sculptures that can bend and twist, and an exhibit that lets you walk in the rain without getting wet--THEN--make some experimental art of your very own!

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Add To Waitlist All-American Artists (Ages 8-11)
It’s time for a summer vacation!  In this mixed media class explore American artists like Warhol, Whistler, Georgia O’Keeffe, Grant Wood, Hopper, and many, many more. Paint your way across the country as you take a visual road trip.  Explore drawing, painting, sculpture, and more.  By the time you’re done, you’ll have a map of American’s greatest artists! 
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Add Disney Sing-a-long (Ages 5-8)
Explore Disney classics as you sing and move in this musical theatre class for younger campers. Performers will explore the wonderful world of Disney and improve vocal technique through choral singing. Learn simple choreography and characterization while preparing a Disney tune for the Celebration of the Arts.
$0.00 5
Add Song Writing (Ages 9-11)
Write the next great “Song of the Summer” in this class for older singers and musicians.  Explore the structure and composition of popular hits, while gaining valuable tools and techniques for your own song-writing process.  Explore spoken word, Hamilton, and the process of choosing the right words for your beats and melodies.  Then, work together to create a performance for Celebration of the Arts.  Instruments are welcome, but not required—everyone’s voice will be used!  
$0.00 2
Add To Waitlist Curtain Up: Super Powers! (Ages 5-8)
Discover your inner super-hero in this class for younger actors.  Find your own unique superpower, make a costume fit for a hero, and go on amazing adventures with your friends and sidekicks!  Using improvisation and playful voice and movement games, campers will develop confidence as they discover the joy of theatre.  
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