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Session 1 Morning

Total Fees: $460.00

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The morning session meets from 9:00 am to 12:15 pm Monday-Friday.

Morning session campers should select 1 class from each period. For full class descriptions, please visit our website

If you would like to enroll for full day camp, you will also need to register for the afternoon session.

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Session Schedule

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09:55 AM-10:55 AM
Period 1
Add Color Me a Symphony (Ages 5-7)

Is it music? Is it art? It’s BOTH! Listen to the music of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and more as you create art inspired by music. Explore works of art that have been inspired by music, like Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Blue and Green Music,” and make your own multi-media works of art as you listen. 

$0.00 9
Add Food Art (Ages 5-8)

Learn about famous food artists and colorful plates as you become a color wheel Master Chef!  Create mixed media works of art inspired by food, and use potatoes, apples, and even marshmallows to create delectable prints.  It’s art that looks good enough to eat.  Please note these works of art can only be savored with the eyes!

$0.00 5
Add All Together Now! (Ages 8-11)

Exciting art happens when you work together!  Learn about famous friendships in the art world, and artistic collectives like the Guerilla Girls and les Fauves, “the wild beasts.”  Make amazing collaborative works of art with friends.  It’s art that’s bigger and better than the sum of its parts!

$0.00 5
Add Talking Drums (All Ages)
Learn traditional hand drumming rhythms and discover how drums can talk to one another!  Work together to create energetic group performances as you make your drums whisper, shout, and sing.  Practice jazz drumming, marching drum line and African drum circles. Drum along to your favorite popular songs, then create a special performance for the Celebration of the Arts. 
$0.00 1
Full Broadway Bound (Ages 7-11)

Have fun while improving your singing, dancing, and acting skills.  Performers will explore the world of classical musical theatre and learn what it means to be ‘a triple threat.’ Improve vocal technique through choral singing.  Learn choreography, characterization, and classic musical theatre songs for a special musical revue to be performed at the Celebration of the Arts. 

$0.00 0
* Required

11:05 AM-12:05 PM
Period 2
Add The Wacky World of Dr. Seuss (Ages 5-7)

Explore the colorful characters and landscapes of your favorite Dr. Seuss books in this messy mixed-media class.  Read your favorite stories, draw your own original characters, create sculptures of Truffula Trees, and paint fantastic landscapes in this zany and fun-filled class. 

$0.00 6
Add Green Art (Ages 5-9)
It’s fun being green!  Make something new with old materials in this messy mixed-media class.  Bring your recyclables to class, where you’ll transform them into colorful prints, sculptures, and collages.  Learn about painters who treasured our environment, and learn how you can help preserve our beautiful planet.  
$0.00 6
Add Where in the World is David Adler? (Ages 8-11)

Detectives get ready for an artistic adventure across Europe!  Explore the mysterious post card collection David Adler acquired during his travels.  Discover clues in each post card, learn about new countries and their most famous artists, and use your new knowledge to deduce Adler’s location!  Draw and paint your own postcards and make projects inspired by the countries you investigate in this class that’s part drawing and painting, part art appreciation, and one big mysterious adventure!  

$0.00 1
Add X is for Xylophone (Ages 5-8)

Combine percussion with melody and what do you get?  A class full of fun songs and cool instruments! Learn songs from around the world as you learn to play the xylophone and other unique percussion instruments. Build a xylophone band as you work with the class to make your own, brand-new original xylophone song.

$0.00 2
Add Adler Singers (Ages 8-11)
Are you ready to join the awesome Adler Choir? Learn appropriate techniques for singing in choirs and musicals. Work on the fundamentals of healthy singing: breath support, alignment, placement, relaxation and articulation.  Then, use your new skills to create dreamy harmonies and exciting arrangements for a special performance at the Celebration of the Arts. 
$0.00 4
Add Curtain Up: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Ages 5-7)

Mixed-up chameleons, grouchy ladybugs, and very busy spiders make this drama class full of movement and fun.  Explore the characters in Eric Carle’s famous books and create your own busy, colorful characters.  In this class tailored to younger actors, campers will develop confidence through improvisation and playful voice and movement games.

$0.00 6